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We are a professional advisor, tax and accountancy firm.
It is partner-managed and independent.
Thanks to our "association" we can work for you everywhere in Germany.

Our areas of work

In the light of the legendary complexity of our taxation system, there is a risk of wrong application of the laws and consequently (un-) consciously breaking the law. But due to the fact that ignorance is no protection against punishment, precautious measures should be taken in order to prevent malfeasance arising from a lack of knowledge.

Especially foreign companies doing business in Germany should be concerned about this, apparently dangerous, topic. They may be familiar with their own taxation system, but high chances are that German fiscal laws are different. It is more than obvious that experts should be consulted, so they can help managing and preventing potential risks in a proactive way.

Our main consulting services are: office management, payroll providing and fiscal support. This basically supports the idea that we take care of our clients' business while the CEOs/managers can live and work abroad.

The expertise, integrity and client-orientated work of our team will prevent our clients from getting lost in the jungle of the German tax system and help them cope with the complexity of fiscal laws.

Our Expertise

We are working for internationally operating companies, helping with foundations/ business operations/ liquidations of subsidiary companies in Germany. So far this has been especially for US-software companies.


Dipl.-Kfm. Hans-Peter Roll
Wirtschaftsprüfer Steuerberater
(public accountant tax advisor)
Registrierter Prüfer im System der Qualitätskontrolle
(registered auditor in the quality assurance system of WPK)

Dipl.-Kfm. Maximilian Amon
Vereidigter Buchprüfer Steuerberater
(officially sworn in auditor tax advisor)

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