We help with

Company foundations

  • clarification of legitimacy of the business in Germany
  • notarial certification of one or more founder(s) of the firm
  • notarial certification of the application for admission to the Commercial Register (Handelsregister)
  • opening a bank account for the corporation
  • submit the register application to the Commercial Register
  • preparation of the opening balance
  • publishing the certificate of registration

Business operations

  1. Office management
    • management of mail and call or forwarding to designated address
    • correspondence with authorities, insurances, employees etc.
    • cash request, budget planning, controlling, reportingproviding business address
    • administrate fiduciary accounts
    • management analysis and advising
  2. Payroll providing
    • keeping the payroll including all necessary reports concerning payroll tax, social/ health insurance and the trade association (Berufsgenossenschaft)
    • data transmission to the social insurance carrier and other authorities
    • all other activities in relation to payroll providing and payroll tax
    • Above mentioned activities include the respective correspondence and proceedings with tax authorities, the social insurance carrier and other authorities and also the review of administrative acts
  3. Fiscal support
    • bookkeeping
    • tax declarations
    • year end report
    • tax accountancy


  • registration of liquidation at the registration court (Registergericht)
  • appointing a liquidator
  • public notice to all creditors and debtors
  • disposal of all assets
  • finding the liquidation surplus
  • administration of bank accounts
  • arrangement of payout